New 2019 Acura MDX

Most Fuel-Efficient 3-Row Luxury SUVs Cars

New 2019 Acura MDX

These Luxury SUVs Are Your Best Bets for Performance 

Luxury SUVs and crossovers generally offer better performance and more power than their mainstream counterparts, and also better functionality results in higher fuel consumption. Obviously, larger SUVs, like people adequately sizable to accommodate 3 rows of seats, frequently suffer through the exact same problem. It stands to reason, then, that luxury three-row SUVs will be particularly thirsty. Nevertheless, that’s not the case.

Whether good economics is among your top priorities, or it’s good to have, you’ve options. To this end, we’ve put together a list of 9 luxury three-row SUVs with the best gas economics ratings. These vehicles achieve at least 21 miles a gallon combined, and a number of fares considerably better than that.

We’ve organized this list based on the EPA’s city and highway mileage rating for each model’s most fuel-efficient configuration, which can be described on each individual slide. Even though the base trim is generally the best, there are a few exceptions. In the case of a tie, the automobile with the lower cost takes the lead.

Ready to find your next luxury three-row SUV? Check out these efficient models.

2019 Audi Q7

audi car
21 miles per gallon | $56,900 | Overall Score: 8.8/10

The winner of the 2019 Best Luxury 3-Row SUV for Families award kicks off our list of the very fuel-efficient luxury three-row SUVs.

For Audi, 2019 & Q7 gets a minor reshuffling of standard and available features among its trim lineup, however, it’s otherwise the exact same comfortable, luxurious, and athletic midsize SUV with seating for seven passengers.

For the best-combined miles per gallon, look at the midtier Premium Plus model powered with the 248-horsepower turbocharged engine. Although several competitors get better gas economics, consider that the majority of those are ranked with front-wheel drive, whilst the Q7 gets all-wheel drive benchmark.


BMW cars suv
22 miles per gallon | $73,900 | Overall Score: 8.4/10

The seven-passenger X7 is an addition to the BMW lineup this season, and it may make an impressive debut near the top of the luxury SUV rankings.

The interior is fantastic, with 3 rows of seats and a lot of features, although some buyers may wish there was more cargo space.

Stick with the base model, known as the xDrive40i, for the best gas economics evaluations. This model includes a 335-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder engine and standard all-wheel drive. It’s tempting to go for the strong twin-turbo V8 option, however, it uses a lot more gas, and many buyers would be happy with the xDrive40i’s acceleration.


2019 Lexus RX L

22 miles per gallon | $47,770 | Overall Score: 8.6/10

If you’re looking for excellent predicted credibility and a smooth ride, check out the Lexus RX, which earns a place in the top 3rd of the luxury SUV rankings.

The Lexus RX carries a 290-horsepower V6 engine and front-wheel drive.

You’ll have to step up to the midtier 350L trimming to get the optional 3rd row of seats.

Most shoppers who’re searching for an efficient luxury SUV will discover that the RX 350L is sufficient to meet their needs.

22 miles per gallon | $44,000 | Overall Score: 8.1/10

The winner of our 2019 Best Luxurious 3-Row SUV for the Money award is another fine alternative if gas economics is a top priority.

This Infiniti seats seven passengers. Although the QX60 drops behind competitors with regards to athleticism, it comes powered by a 295-horsepower V6 engine, that’ll be lots of power to satisfy most buyers. The base Pure trim with front-wheel driveway is your best bet for fuel efficiency.

2019 Land Rover Discovery

2019 Land Rover Discovery HSE 4dr 4x4 Pri
23 miles per gallon | $57,145 | Score: 8.3/10

The stylish yet competent Land Rover Discovery lands near the bottom of our luxury SUV rankings because, though it’s a SUV that is pretty good , it’s simply not the best option for most buyers. It’s expensive, and it has got a called credibility rating, as do most Land Rovers.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in medium-duty off-roading, you like Land Rover’s history, and you don’t mind heading to the mechanic more frequently than average, the Discovery could be an enjoyable choice.

The best gas economics stems from the Td6 turbo diesel powertrain, which bumps up the Discovery&rsquo cost a little. You’ll also need to add the third-row seat package (about $2,000).

2019 Acura MDX

New 2019 Acura MDX
23 miles per gallon | $44,300 | Overall Score: 8.4/10

The Acura MDX places in the center of our luxury SUV rankings and was a finalist for our 2019 Best Luxurious 3-Row SUV for the Money award.

The MDX’s only serious drawbacks are a non called credibility rating from J.D. Power plus a relatively downscale cottage. However, the MDX provides a cost, lots of features, fantastic handling, and seating for six or seven passengers.

You’ll get the best gas economics from the base front-wheel-drive installation. The MDX comes standard with a competent 290-horsepower V6 engine optimization.

2019 Volvo XC90

Volvo-Cars-of-North america
24 miles per gallon | $47,700 | Overall Score: 8.6/10

Although the Volvo XC90 lands rather low in our luxury SUV rankings, it was a finalist for our 2019 Best Luxurious 3-Row SUV for an award.

The XC90 has a credibility rating that is low called, also it’s base engine could use more powerit ’so comfortable spacious, and well-equipped.

You’ll be great with the base T5 Momentum model, which features seating for seven passengers, a 250-horsepower turbocharged motor, and front-wheel drive. It’s a efficient way to accommodate the whole family.

2019 Acura MDX Hybrid
27 miles per gallon | $52,800 | Overal Score: 8.2/10

Casual observers can be surprised that we harbor ’t even come to a model until today, but the variant of the Acura MDX is one of only a couple in this class.

The MDX Hybrid was a finalist for our 2019 Best Luxurious 3-Row SUV for the Money award, even though its called credibility rating and comparatively bland interior keep it near the bottom of our luxury SUV rankings.

The MDX Hybrid comes in just one trim level, which is equipped with a 321-horsepower powertrain and standard all-wheel drive. It may be configured for six or seven passengers.


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